Rental companies of rehabilitation equipment

Since 2012, we have been helping people with disabilities by creating, among other things, an ever-growing network of free of charge rental companies of rehabilitation equipment. For the past two years, the largest free online rental service, accessible from anywhere in Poland, has been in operation. Find out more and rent equipment now

What equipment do we offer?

Rehabilitation beds


A five-function rehabilitation bed, the most advanced model on the market, fully electrically controlled. Each bed is equipped with two foam and anti-bedsore mattresses

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Enable disabled people who are unable to walk independently to move around. The equipment is ergonomic and comfortable to use and can be used indoors and outdoors.

Rehabilitation walking frames

They make it easier to walk, maintain an upright posture and carry hand luggage. They are made of lightweight materials, but at the same time are a robust construction. It is worth mentioning that the walking frames are designed to easily adapt to the walking pace of the user.

Orthopaedic crutches

They are used by people who have undergone trauma or surgery and are permanently physically disabled. They provide support when walking and help to maintain balance. They relieve strain on the affected extremity. Orthopaedic crutches are made of high-quality aluminium.

Rehabilitation bicycles

These bicycles have a special design that allows them to be used by people with limited coordination and dexterity. They are available in three sizes, depending on the weight and height of the user.

Rent equipment free of charge in 3 easy steps

  • Fill in the form:
    select equipment, specify date
  • Request a courier
    and await delivery
  • Pick up the equipment
    and use it by the due date

When the time limit to return the equipment is approaching, we will let you know and if you still need the equipment, you can extend the rental period. If you no longer need the equipment, the courier will collect it and return it to the rental company.

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